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Safety first and environmental conservation

Organic peroxides are highly reactive chemicals. Therefore, they are – determined by national and international regulations – to some extent as dangerous materials (flammable, may cause fire and partly able to explode).

The manufacturing, transport, storage, handling and last but not least disposal of organic peroxides requires strict precautions.

We have made considerable investments into safety to eliminate risks, avoid faults and protect people and the environment from becoming endangered.

Naturally, we provide our customers with support in any kind of safety, handling, or storage issue.

Storage Temperatures

Organic Peroxides are more or less stable products that decompose under the influence of heat. To prevent a loss of quality during storage it is important that the recommended maximum storage temperature is not exceeded and the minimum storage temperature not breached.


The SADT is the lowest temperature at which a self accelerating decomposition may occur. This temperature must be avoided at all costs.

Emergency temperature

The emergency temperature is derived from the SADT. It is the temperature at which emergency actions have to be taken.

Control Temperature

The control temperature is also derived from the SADT. The control temperature is the maximum temperature at which the product can be transported safely.


The transport of organic peroxides classified UN 3111 to UN 3120, as well as Azo compounds under UN 3234 and 3236 has to be temperature controlled.


As an alternative to our standard cardboard box, pail, drum and polyethylene container, we can supply certain initiator formulations in reusable stainless steel IBC (up to 1.25m³ volume). Packaging in IBCs offers obvious ecological benefits as well as gains terms of logistics by allowing automated and faster handling.


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